Posted by: reformedmusings | August 31, 2008

Corporate upgrades from Vista to WinXP

If you had some doubts about my earlier post, then I’ve found some even more interesting data. According to Infoworld, almost 35% of corporate users have “downgraded” from the pre-installed Vista to Windows XP [HT: Computer 2000]. This is done in accordance with the Vista license agreement. So much for Microsoft hyping Vista’s sales numbers–they are only smoke and mirrors.

This is akin to colleges boasting of growing enrollments and especially minority enrollments. What they don’t tell you is that a large percentage of enrolled freshmen never make it to graduation (minority graduation rates run about 64 – 77%). Most colleges apparently think that their job is done when they make their recruiting goals. Microsoft is playing the same game with Vista, inflating their sales numbers while ignoring that only about 65% of corporate buyers actually keep using it. Don’t buy the lie.

And actually, you don’t have to buy the lie. Almost 1/3 of the computers sold by have Linux installed! I knew that Dell Computers and Asus were selling Linux desktops and laptops, but I didn’t realize the success that they’ve had. We haven’t sacked the empire yet, but I think that I’m just making out the tops of Rome’s tall temples on the horizon…

So there’s no excuse. You can get great computers preloaded with Linux at a substantially lower price than Vista PCs with identical hardware. That’s because all the software is free, including the operating system. No hidden upgrades or trial software, no dumped, outdated software–current, high-quality open source software that will free you from being a vassal in the feudal Redmond empire.

C’mon, break free.



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