Posted by: reformedmusings | August 27, 2008

Chinese Olympic cover-up continues

In this post, I noted that Stryde Hax initiated an experiment to see how quickly the Chinese would delete yet another document from the web which proves that at least three Chinese gymnasts, He Kexin, Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan, were too young to compete in the 2008 Summer Games. Well, it took about 48 hours. I voted that this was bronze medal timing, but only because there was no selection for “also ran.”

Also, regarding the insufficiency of the Chinese explanation for these spreadsheets, Stryde Hax went into more detail in an update to his post than I did in mine, but the net result is the same. Her birthdate was recorded as 1/1/1994 by her regional gymnastics organization in 2005, a year before she transferred to another region according to the spreadsheets. And again, the Chinese still have not accounted for the late birth dates of the other two gymnasts, at least one of which we have good evidence from Chinese government servers against.

Given that the Olympics are over, I expect the FIG and IOC to play possom on this and hope it all blows over. This would be a great disservice both to the Olympics as a whole and to the athletes involved in this controversy. The evidence uncovered to date has been cached on a number of servers around the world. It will be there for years to come. In addition, I have local backups in case some Chinese hacker decides to try to attack the relevant pages, so I can have them back up in minutes. Net result is that there will forever be a mental asterisk next to these young girls’ names questioning their eligibiity to compete. No one doubts their skills, but cheaters should never be allowed to win.

So this is where we stand today in the communists’ Great Patriotic Olympic Cover-up.



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