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Chinese “explanation” on He Kexin’s age

The New York Times (with “all the lies fit to print”) reports that the vice minister of the General Administration of Sport of China, Cui Dalin, explained the date discrepancies on He Kexin’s birthdate as follows [HT: bobbie fletcher on Stryde Hax]:

…He Kexin, the uneven bars Olympic champion, had moved from one team to another last year, and a wrong birth date was written on the registration forms for the new team. “During the registration, there were some discrepancies in the age of the athlete, therefore that mistake has led to a series of misunderstandings afterward…

Nice try. There are at least two major problems with this “explanation.” First, it doesn’t explain the similar age discrepancies of her fellow gymnasts Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan. Dead silence on those girls. I guess that the Chinese must be abysmal record keepers. That can be quite an asset when you are rewriting history.

The second issue is with the dates of the Excel spreadsheets. Dalin says that He changed teams last year. But most of the spreadsheets go back to 2005. Last year was 2007 in case anyone forgot. So, the spreadsheet data is two years older than the supposed team change. Even the usually terminally-liberal, communist-sympathizing NYT noticed this on one of the spreadsheets:

He’s birth date was also Jan. 1, 1994, on the registration list for a 2006 intercity competition in Chengdu, China.

That’s correct. The NYT also notes that access to the original spreadsheets and information has either been blocked or changed since they first reported the issue. No kidding. If the Chinese have nothing to hide, then why hide everything that we find? Why not just offer up the actual documents and provide the explanation? And why didn’t they do that a month ago? Instead of openness, we’re getting a cover up.

Maybe they’ll come up with a better excuse later today that includes all three gymnasts. I can’t wait…



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