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Yet another page in the Chinese gymnast saga

Stryde Hax was provided yet another document’s location in China. This document clearly documents Jiang Yuyan’s birthdate as 10/1/93–too young to compete in the 2008 Summer Games. She is one of the three primary Chinese gymnasts in question.

Since all the rest of the evidence has disappeared soon after being posted, this time Stryde set it up as sort of a game. After analyzing and translating the pertinent parts of the document, and also ensuring that it was mirrored in a number of safe and trustworthy locations, he posted its source link at 1800 EST. The clock is running on how quickly the Chinese purge this document from the net like the others. I just downloaded it from China at 1930, but it is yet very early in the morning in China. The government censors probably aren’t awake yet.

There’s an interesting article by Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press on FoxSports website. I highly recommend reading it because Mr. Rosenberg is in Beijing to cover the Olympics provides some food for thought. Here’s what he asks about China’s Olympic face:

Was the real China the country of a hundred thousand young volunteers eager to help? Or was it the country that stamps out dissent and has played a key role in the carnage in Darfur? Or was it both?

Did you think that beautiful little girl was actually singing in the Opening Ceremonies? Sorry! That was lip-synched by another little girl, who apparently was not beautiful enough for the Chinese government’s tastes.

Did you think those tiny Chinese gymnasts were really 16? The government produced passports as proof. Chinese news reports indicate otherwise.

Did you believe what the IOC whispered in your ears, that the gray cloud engulfing Beijing was merely “mist?” Or did you believe your eyes and nose and mouth, which were sure it was smog?

He also asks the usual questions about doping. Rosenberg concludes:

For the most part, I choose to believe. I believe Phelps is clean. I believe Bolt is clean. I believe both are athletic freaks, and the world has always produced athletic freaks. I choose to believe.

But those gymnasts are not 16.

No, they’re not. I’ve traveled all over Asia and have a pretty good feel for the differences in age appearance. Those girls aren’t remotely 16 years old in any culture. And we’ve got about 5 Chinese government documents that predate the deception in the games to prove it. The only real question is if the IOC and/or FIG have the guts to call them on it.

Meanwhile, we await the Chinese censors’ deletion of the new evidence.



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