Posted by: reformedmusings | August 24, 2008

Chinese gymnasts’ age evidence gone!

You knew this was coming. According to Stryde Hax, the documents that proved Chinese gymnast He Kexin’s age is only 14 are gone from the Chinese search engine cache. So also with those that showed that fellow gymnasts Yang Yilin, Jiang Yuyuan, and perhaps others are under age. All the documents…gone. Now there exist only the screenshots that stryde and others, including this humble blogger, saved of the pertinent parts of those documents. I also saved electronic copies of two of the cache pages, FWIW.

I just watched an interview with Jacques Rogge of Belgium, the head of the International Olympic Committee. He said that a ruling from the Federation of  International Gymnastics (FIG) was expected very shortly. Personally, I expect these international bodies to bow to the Communist Chinese as they have to virtually all communists over the decades. This will be an exercise in saving face, not justice or sportsmanship. The only good news is that sites like Styde Hax and others will have the facts for years to come.

I wonder if they will eventually put an asterisk next to the Chinese gold medals won by ineligible athletes. Probably not in my lifetime. George Orwell nailed it: communism rewrites history as surely as the sun rises in the east. Stryde asks some interesting questions about our electronic age:

In the blink of an eye, a document can be removed from the web server that hosts it, and someone seeking to prove the historical existence of that document has no recourse whatsoever. In a future in which all identity documents are electronic, does that mean that someone’s identity can be erased? I would answer with a question: is He Kexin being erased, or overwritten?

Yep, we live in the Information Age, but what is that glut information really worth, especially in light of a government that can modify passports, birth certificates, and other identity documents for the sake of a few Olympic medals? Think about it.



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