Posted by: reformedmusings | August 23, 2008

Update on VMWare Tools Fix

In this post, I described how to patch VMWare Tools to install properly and work in a Linux host. That solution involved replacing all the commercial driver source files with those from the open source versions. I’ve since encountered a possible complication with at least one of the drivers in the open source set. After suspending the Linux guest with the full set of module sources replaced, I lost some keyboard function in the host Linux system. It could be easily restored by restarting the X-Server, but that became annoying after a while.

So, I went back and only replaced the two module sources that were problematic in the commercial VMWare Tools package: the network vmxnet.tar and file sharing vmhgfs.tar. The rest seem to work fine as they are distributed. So in the original instructions in the post, I now recommend only replacing these two source archives (vmxnet.tar and vmhgfs.tar) rather than all of those in the open source package. I ran the script again with this file substitution as described in the original post and it seemed to solve the host keyboard issue.

If the original solution doesn’t pose any issues, then there’s no reason to worry about selectively replacing source files. If you do run into host issues like the keyboard problem that I encountered, perhaps only replacing the problematic networking and file sharing modules.



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