Posted by: reformedmusings | August 22, 2008

More on Communist Chinese Olympic deception

Stryde Hax updated his blog with two more posts. First, here is my original post on the subject for background. In Olympic Hacking Part II, he finds that Google’s cache indeed had links to the spreadsheets in question. Then he found that throughout the day those links disappeared. Interesting. Google has been bowing to the Communist Chinese for a few years now. Here’s one more possible feather in their hat of submission to despotism.

He also found another cached spreadsheet through Baidu on the General Administration of Sport of China site from 2005, also listing He Kexin’s birthdate as Jan 1, 1994. That’s three official Communist Chinese government spreadsheets now from before the current Olympic games that list her with an inelligible age to compete in 2008.

In The Day after the Day after, he works with the Google Translator a bit more and finally gets it to translate the appropriate lines in the three spreadsheets. Here’s the image of his results. They don’t leave anything to the imagination.

There’s no question now that the Chinese government is lying about He Kexin’s age, and probably those of Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan as well. The only question left is whether the IOC has the gumption to call the communists on their lies and award the medals in question to eligible competitors.



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