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Communism vs. the Olympiad: More deception?

I posted earlier about Chinese deceptions in the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony and follow-on events. Yet another controversy has been looming since before the games. I hadn’t said anything yet because it all seemed like heresay…until now.

Discussion has been ongoing that Chinese gymnast He Kexin and possibly two of her colleagues, Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan, may not be 16 years old as required by the Olympic rules. In fact, there has already been credible evidence that they are in the 13 – 14 year-old range. Personally, I think that there’s at least one Chinese diver that falls in this category as well. The International Olympic Committee has been burying its head in the sand, accepting what are probably Chinese-government falsified passports as evidence that the girls are 16. What, communists lie? Who would think such a thing?

Mike Walker (apparently also known as Stryde on the net), a specialist in IT security, used the archives of the Chinese search engine Baidu to recover information that the Chinese had removed from their websites before the games. Specifically, he recovered spreadsheets from the General Administration of Sport of China. Here’s his blog explaining the process.

UPDATE: For posterity, as surely the Chinese will eventually expunge these pages as well, I’m including my own screenshots of the applicable sections:

He Kexin's name is highlighted above with her 1994 birthdate

He Kexin's name is highlighted above with her 1994 birthdate

He Kexin's name is highlighted above with her 1994 birthdate

He Kexin's name is highlighted above with her 1994 birthdate

Walker has done an excellent job uncovering the Chinese lies. The Times Online has more background on the Olympic rules and the controversy. According to the Times:

Just nine months before the Olympics, the Chinese government’s Xinhua news agency gave Ms He’s name as 13. Officials have since dismissed that report saying Xinhua had never been given her age and had made a mistake.

So, they never gave her age yet made a mistake? They can’t even keep their printed lies straight. However, the new documents uncovered by Walker date back several years before the current controversy, so are untouched by the new cover-up. Although the Chinese removed the newer spreadsheets from the web listing the competitors, they forgot about the search engine caches. As Walker points out in his blog post:

Much of the coverage regarding Kexin’s age has only mentioned “allegations” of fraud, and the IOC has ignored the matter completely. I believe that these primary documents, issued by the Chinese state, directly available from China by clicking on the links above rise to a level of evidence higher than “allegation”.

Now (maybe) even the International Olympic Committee has to get their heads out of the sand. They’ve asked for another pretend investigation, as reported by the Times Online.

So what’s the Chinese answer? More forged government documents, of course. According to FoxNews:

He [China coach Lu Shanzan] said the governing body of gymnastics was given additional documents Thursday night to try to dispel lingering questions. Those documents included He’s current and former passport, ID card and family residence permit. Lu said the documents all say she was born in 1992, which would have made her eligible to compete. Gymnasts must turn 16 during the Olympic year to be eligible.

“Surely it’s not possible that these documents are still not sufficient proof of her birthdate?” Lu asked. “The passports were issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. The identity card was issued by China’s Ministry of Public Security. If these valid documents are not enough to clarify this problem, then what will you believe?

They’ve already apparently created a custom passport and birth certificate for her with her false birthdate. Now they’ve added other false documents to the list. What all these documents have in common is that they are all controlled by the Communist Chinese government. As I posted earlier, we already know that they have practiced deception in these Olympics. We could go back in recent history to find other prominent examples, including the collision of a Chinese figher with a US EP-3 over international waters in 2001. Deception is a way of life for communists who must constantly cover up their abysmal failures and embarassments.

Let me be clear that I’m taking nothing away from the wonderful talent of these Chinese girls. Nor am I laying this deception at their feet. They are children probably obeying authority figures in their oppressive totalitarian government. They may even fear for their families’ safety if they don’t play along. No one should lay such responsibility on a child’s shoulders. It’s their coaches and the communist government that bears full responsibility.

So why do we care beyond just the moral aspect? At this point, there are six Olympic medals at stake. If the Chinese lied about these girl’s ages, then they must be disqualified and the medals awarded to others who played fairly. The IOC hasn’t hesitated to yank medals from Western athletes caught in or admitting to doping, and they shouldn’t shrink from their duties here. But then, we all know that communists get special treatment so that we don’t offend them…

Then again, the IOC is probably just another United Nations-like institution that specializes in bowing down to communist and and other despotic dictators.



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