Posted by: reformedmusings | August 4, 2008

Heller taking DC back to Court

You can read about DC’s continued attempts to circumvent the US Supreme Court’s ruling against them here. In a fit of unbelievable arrogance, DC still refuses to issue a permit to Mr. Heller, who won that case. There’s no other recourse but to take DC right back to court to try to make them obey the law of the land. And that’s exactly what Heller is doing with the help of the NRA. The poor folks in DC continue to be held hostage by savage criminals while the privileged city administration continues to protect those same criminals. I always thought the rule of law was one of the things that made this country great. Apparently the royalty that runs DC prefers to keep its subjects oppressed and helpless against thugs and murderers. At least I have the choice not to go over there except when work requires it, which isn’t often anymore.

There’s also a move afoot in Congress to end DC’s circumvention of the law with their “emergency orders.” So far, it has a good number of co-sponsors. We should all pray that this legislation passes quickly when Congress reconvenes and thereby ending the DC royal political machine’s oppression of its subjects, depriving them of the most basic human right of all–self-defense.



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