Posted by: reformedmusings | July 29, 2008

Packing a pocket knife?

I’ve written before about the rise in knife crime in the UK. As you will recall, the Brits virtually disarmed their subjects some years ago. Rather than causing crime, even so-called gun crime, to drop, all crime, including firearms related, has skyrocketed. It’s so bad that they are implementing “stop and search” which would violate the US 4th Amendment here. Are they looking for guns in these searches? No, they are looking for knives!

Sick of the phrase “common sense gun control”? Ever wonder where all that nonsense leads? Look no further than England. Government control didn’t stop with guns as promised. They now have strict knife laws as well, enforced with airport-style screeners using “stop and search” on the streets without warrants. How strict are they you ask? Here’s an article about a judge who is being criticized for pulling out his pocket knife in court. A pocket knife. What’s next, toothpicks? Nail files?

I used to teach wilderness survival many years ago. A basic fact is that next to your trained brain, a good knife is the most basic survival tool. I’m not talking about the toy soldier Rambo knives, but good quality blades designed for durability and to hold an edge. In a normal, daily environment, a good pocket knife with handy accessories (like the Swiss Army knives) can be invaluable for everything from cutting coupons in the store to tightening screws in the car. Now there are people in the UK that actually feel these basic daily tools are threats. Kinda sounds like the TSA, where common sense gives way to irrational fear.

Folks, there is no end to disarmament. If you want to see the results of gun control, the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has carefully documented a few historic results of disarming law-abiding citizens. There are more historic and current articles here. The end result is tyranny and genocide. Just starting in the 20th century, places like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and others first took the guns away, then massacred tens of millions.

Here in the US, the places with the strictest “gun control” have the highest crime rates by a signficant margin. John Lott has done an excellent job documenting this using government crime data. The only people protected by limiting firearm ownership or concealed carry by law-abinding citizens are the criminals who prey on them. Yet, having seen the failure of these draconian approaches, do their advocates repent? Not hardly. There’s no common sense in “gun control.” Irrational fear makes a terrible basis for law, but a great road to tyranny.



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