Posted by: reformedmusings | July 28, 2008

Mobile Calendar Synced to Thunderbird!

When I moved to Linux way back when, I gave up having a desktop calendar synced to my mobile devices. I had given up Outlook even before I left Windows, largely because of its instability and insecurity. Still, I missed being able to just pull up a quick calendar on the computer while on the phone. An Open Source project called Synce is working towards the ability to sync with Linux desktop PIMs, but it hasn’t reached an operational state yet.

But last week I discovered a great process at to get mobile calendar data into Thunderbird’s Lightning calendar extension with its Provider extension. I won’t repeat the process here. I didn’t go for the Contact syncing idea because it involved a social networking site. Those places should be avoided at all cost. I simply used a Google calendar through The latter is in beta test and simulates an Exchange server, which generally works quite well. When problems arise, Nuevasync’s tech support is first rate. This process also works from anywhere in the world where you can get a WiFi connection. This is all free at the moment.

Here’s an important safety tip: set Lightning to cache under Calendar/Calendar Properties on the menu. Although the checkbox says it’s experimental, it works fine and speeds up calendar access tremendously. Otherwise, every new view (changing day/week, etc.) goes to Google to get the data, and the latency is ridiculous.

So, life is good. I like the Lightning calendar extension for Thunderbird. It’s simple, fast (if cached), and just plain works. I like just the right capability mixed with simplicity because sometimes better is the enemy of good enough.



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