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Joint Statement by WTS and Professor Enns

This reported at The Aquila Report:

July 23, 2008

The following statement is being posted per the instruction of Rev. Charles McGowan, Chairman of the Institutional Personnel Committee.

The administration and Prof. Peter Enns wish to announce that they have arrived at mutually agreeable terms, and that, as of 1 August, 2008, Prof. Enns will discontinue his service to Westminster Theological Seminary after fourteen years.

The administration wishes to acknowledge the valued role Prof. Enns has played in the life of the institution, and that his teaching and writings fall within the purview of Evangelical thought. The Seminary wishes Prof. Enns well in his future endeavors to serve the Lord.

Prof. Enns wishes to acknowledge that the leaders of the Seminary (administration and board) are charged with the responsibility of leading the seminary in ways that are deemed most faithful to the institution’s mission as a confessional Reformed Seminary.

Prof. Enns expresses his deep and sincere gratitude to the Lord for his education and years of service at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Further information (but not much) is available at the WTS website. Discussion may insuse over at Green Baggins, where Lane has previously posted on this topic.

I have only one comment, as I know people on both sides of this debate and haven’t followed it carefully. I simply find it interesting that the statement says that Prof. Enns’ “teaching and writings fall within the purview of Evangelical thought.” I would have thought that the word “Reformed” would have appeared somewhere in there or that the Westminster Standards would have been mentioned. In any event, we need to pray for all concerned.



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