Posted by: reformedmusings | June 26, 2008

Standing for the BCO

As previously reported, the PCA 36th General Assembly declined to set up a study committee to investigate the idea of female deacons. They also voted to hold Presbyteries accountable in accordance with the Book of Church Order through the Committee for the Review of Presbytery Records. Now I’ve learned that at least one Presbytery is holding a TE and Session accountable for their diaconal irregularities (HT: The Aquila Report).

Ohio Valley Presbytery erected a special committee to investigate diaconal irregularities where a Session was “commissioning” men and women as deacons using ceremonies virtually identical to ordination and installation, but did not “ordain” any deacons. They thought that they had found a clever way around the PCA BCO by withholding the laying on of hands, as others have done as well. The OVP committee found that the Session of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis erred in their actions and violated the BCO. The full Presbytery adopted the committee’s recommendations, including specific remedies against Redeemer. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The Aquila Report has posted the entire OVP report, which is an excellent piece of work. Other Presbyteries could use this report as a model for similar action.

It will be interesting to see if other Presbyteries have the courage to do the same with other well-known churches who have essentially the same practice.



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