Posted by: reformedmusings | June 26, 2008

Another Rejection of Federal Vision

Although the RPCNA produced a document on justification some time ago that rejected both Federal Vision and the New Perspective on Paul, their Synod just recently and formally accepted the recommendations of that document (HT: De Regno Christi):

1. That Synod DECLARE that we stand in solidarity with our Reformed and Presbyterian brethren in rejecting as contrary to the Scriptures as summarized by our confessional standards the theological views that are generally associated with the movements identified as “the New Perspective(s) on Paul” and the “Federal Vision”.

2. That Synod REAFFIRM our commitment to the biblical, historical, and confessional, Reformed doctrine of justification– sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus– which requires the imputation of the active obedience of Jesus Christ as an essential component of that righteousness which is the ground of our justification and is received by faith alone.

3. That Synod RECOMMEND to our ministers and members the study of the reports of the PCA, OPC, RCUS and Mid-America Reformed Seminary.

4. That Synod REQUEST our Sessions, Presbyteries, and other examination boards to be diligent in their examinations of potential office holders as to the critical areas of theology that are associated with the new views.

Great stuff!

Of course, just as was the case with the PCA, OPC, BPC, RCUS, URC, OCRC, Mid-America Seminary, WTS (CA), and assorted churches and presbyteries, the RPCNA must simply have misunderstood those poor Federal Visionists. NOT!



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