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Brits want their guns back

Big surprise, that. Just kidding. Check out the video at the Transsylvania Phoenix. Some Brits don’t trust their government? That’s one of the sayings of freedom: Don’t trust the government that doesn’t trust your guns. Ask Tony Martin.

Did confiscating guns from the law-abiding people make England safer? Quite the opposite. Gun crime increased dramatically (along with violent crime in general) after the law-biding were disarmed. Only a twit politician would fail to comprehend that by definition, criminals disobey the law. They can get guns anywhere on the black market. Money talks and suckers walk. That’s been true since the dawn of time. Both England and Australia have seen their violent crime skyrocket after they disarmed the law-abiding.

Disarming the law-abiding just empowers the criminals whether or not guns are their tool of choice. Doubt me? See the Brits own reporting: 100 Stabbings in London so far this year; Two teenaged boys stabbed; Six charged in student death; Man stabbed and killed in broad daylight in a busy shopping district. The latter is particularly interesting since the individual killed was free while charged with pouring acid on a woman he raped in an attempt to eliminate DNA evidence. Yet he was free on the street.

With this wave of crime, do you think that England repented and rearmed its law-abiding populous? No, of course not. The only alternative to empowering the people is to become even more of a police state. The Brits didn’t disappoint: Airport-style scanners on the streets. This is no small-scale effort:

Search teams of officers are using a total of 550 metal-detecting wands and 244 airport-style detection arches.

They use “stop and search” procedures that would clearly violate the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. Any guesses why it made it into our Bill of Rights? And the ACLU will love this quote:

Stop and search has been strongly criticised in the past but police say there is now more support for the action – provided it it is done with sensitivity.

It’s not OK to empower the people to defend themselves, but just fine to trash your other civil liberties as long as it’s done with sensitivity. I’ll bet there’s special sensitivity training for that, eh?

Is it only England? Not hardly. Try: Scotland tops list of most violent countries. England and Wales follow close behind. This blog post from India discusses the situation in that nation. This should come as no surprise to those who value their freedoms, as these trends have been in play for years.

Only your letters and votes can keep this path from going any further in the US. This 2008 national election could well decide whether Americans stay citizens or become subjects.

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