Posted by: reformedmusings | May 4, 2008

Movies to see

Life has been beyond frantic these days. In search of occasional relaxation, I’m trying to carve out time to see a few movies. I’ve seen two great movies so far this year, outside of an airliner, that is. Last weekend I saw The Forbidden Kingdom. Starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, it’s not just a Kung Fu movie, but a great rendition of a number of old Chinese fairy tales seen from a Western point of view. That said, Woo-Ping Yuen‘s choreography of their epic fight scene is outstanding, as is his work with the rest of the movie. It’s a good story with humor, adventure, heroes, villains, and a coming of age–all shot on location in the magnificent scenery of China. Great stuff. A must see for adventure addicts.

Today I saw Iron Man. Black Sabbath’s Iron Man–the anthem of the early Metal Era–has been one of my all-time favorite songs since college. Seeing the Marvel Comic story come to the big screen is a major thrill. They did a great job of bringing the story line into the 21st century while remaining true to the comic books. It’s a neat story, well told with humor throughout. The special effects are incredible and flow so smoothly within the film. Robert Downey, Jr., does an excellent job as ingenious and patriotic Tony Stark. Many of the scenes were filmed at Edwards AFB (note the ED on the tails  of some of the jets), my old stomping grounds. This is a must-see.

I don’t see many movies at all, because most of what comes out of Hollywood is trash and anti-American. However, I’m looking forward to this summer. Yet to come are Prince Caspian and the new Indiana Jones movie. Maybe Speed Racer as well. Hollywood is finally making big family films again. I was skeptical about bringing comics to the big screen, but the creative control of Marvel and the level of special effects today really bring the stories to life. The creative family fare will be big money-makers this summer. But as in past years, I doubt that the hard-core, left-wing, America-hating Hollywooders will learn anything.

Speaking of learning, I have seen both The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis’ epic tale full of Christian themes, as well as the atheist Golden Compass. There’s no comparison. the Golden Compass plays out as the caricature that it is compared to the epic and rich Narnia tale. The C.S. Lewis tale comes loaded with complex themes, engaging dialog, and well-interspersed humor. The Golden Compass comes across as thin and shallow, with weak dialog and a simplistic story line. Most people won’t even get the anti-Christian allusions in the film. Don’t waste your time or money with the Golden Compass series, but don’t miss the upcoming Prince Caspian.



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