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Absence, Feminism, et al

Some may have concluded that I have either given up blogging or left the planet. Neither is true. I have been traveling and incredibly busy. I just returned from two weeks in Scandinavia and will be making a number of other trips in the next two months. I am also retiring from the Air Force in a few months, and there’s more to that process than I can possibly give at the moment. In fact, I’m trying to figure out how I’m possibly going to outprocess with all the work I have to do between now and then. Then there’s my responsibilities at the Session, Presbytery, and General Assembly. I’ll have to reintroduce myself to my family at my retirement ceremony.

That said, I did get a chance to catch a few posts on the Net. The Bayly’s tend to concentrate on feminist influences in the church. They have a particularly good post in Sexuality and the PCA. Well worth a read before considering the Overtures from Philadelphia and West Canada Presbyteries at the 36th General Assembly in June. Here’s my comment on the post:

Nice essay and well-stated. While I agree that these situations are troubling, I do not believe that our Standards need changing. As you show in your essay, there is ample evidence that the Standards are clear on the leadership and teaching role of men in the church. This is especially true when matched with the appropriate Biblical texts. Those at 10th Pres, Redeemer, and others who wish to feminize the officership of the PCA must split hairs and hand-wave clear Biblical and Confessional statements away, plus appeal to “modern” society, to support their positions. In my opinion, to offer a change to the Standards gives them more credence than they deserve.

As to the feminist and FV churches leaving the PCA, I remember some wise counsel I heard some years ago. I wish that I remembered who said it, but I don’t. The counsel was: “Never be afraid to let people leave for the right reasons.” An old chaplain friend of mine had a needlepoint on his wall that his wife had done. It said: “Jesus said feed my sheep, not count my sheep.” We must hunger for the peace and purity of the church, not its size at the expense of those goals.

GreenBaggins handles yet another Federal Vision attempt to revise history in this post. Sounds like he’ll take on some of the newer Federal Vision writings. I’ll be happy to join that battle again when things calm down here. Mark T. has seven posts (as of this writing) on anonymity. Federal Visionist like to dismiss Mark’s factual research by attacking his anonymity on the Net rather than addressing the issues raised by his research. No one is perfect, but the vast bulk of Mark’s information takes the form of original documentation. Therein lies the problem for some Federal Visionists: How do you counter original documentation? Attack the researcher, of course. Yeah.

There’s a great post by G.I. Williamson on Broken Vows (HT: Heidelblog). I believe that this article should be mandatory reading for equivocating Federal Visionists. Vows mean what they say, not what you wish they said.



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