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Louisiana Presbytery Admonished

Louisiana Presbytery’s trial before the PCA’s Standing Judicial Commission is over. Count 1 of the indictment, to which LAP plead “not guilty,” was dismissed. LAP had plead guilty to Count 2 of the indictment, and the SJC penalized the Presbytery by admonishing them. That’s the least penalty available, and I suppose that it recognized the wind of change in the Presbytery.

HaigLaw and Howard Davis have discussed the change in Louisiana Presbytery on GreenBaggins in several threads. The tide has moved against the Federal Vision there and apparently continues to move in that direction. Dr. Jim Jones, who filed the complaint against LAP’s earlier exoneration of Steve Wilkins is now the LAP Stated Clerk. Troy Richards, a witness for the SJC’s prosecution, is the LAP Moderator. By God’s grace, times have changed.

According to HaigLaw, TE Steve Wright, a co-defense counsel for LAP, praised the SJC and the trial as very fair. The members of the SJC upheld their vows, just as some SJC members, I, others have insisted that they would. Those who insisted otherwise should search their hearts and motives, as well as publicly apologize to these PCA officers who continue to take their vows seriously. The same cannot be said of those who flee the discipline of the church where they vowed to be in submission to their brothers.

GreenBaggins started a discussion on the trial results. This discussion should be interesting.

This trial showed that the PCA critics had no basis for their tirades about unfairness and vendettas. These critics’ “peculiar talents” apparently do not include discernment of the truth. No surprise there. This is something that all should remember for a long time. Lord willing, I’ll be here to remind you.
The problems are not over for Louisiana Presbytery. There are still officers remaining who hold to Federal Vision theology. The Presbytery must deal with them. We must pray for the orthodox PCA officers as they handle these difficult situations.

Let’s not forget that Louisiana Presbytery isn’t the only or last bastion of Federal Visionism. Federal Visionists have boldly started new blogs, posting almost-orthodox or orthodox sounding pieces, in addition to the nutty ones, to try to fool those less well-versed in Reformed orthodoxy.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless efforts to rid orthodox Reformed denominations of the Federal Vision error. As Wilkins proved, there’s no waiting over in the CREC for those who wish to hold and teach these errors.

UPDATE: Read the entire decision here.



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