Posted by: reformedmusings | February 16, 2008

Catch-up Time on a Record Discussion

I spent last week in Vancouver, Canada. Although warmer than the DC area, it was mostly rainy. I still managed to get a picture of the countdown clock to the 2010 Winter Olympics the day that it started counting down and also see one of the mascots. That was neat. I also ate some great crepes and enjoyed Granville Island Honey Lager. The last night I had the best Oatmeal Stout that I’ve ever had at Steamworks Brewing Company along with an outstanding Angus Fillet fixed ultra rare. Great trip!

While I was gone, a great discussion over at GreenBagginses ran to almost 700 comments! There were the usual suspects from the Federal Vision world pitching their errors, with the same old boring slander of the PCA and its officers by the ignorant.

There were also new or relatively new contributors. HaigLaw, who tried to put Sam Duncan’s comments into perspective despite Duane Garner’s Federal Vision spin. PCA Standing Judicial Commission members Bill Lyle and Dewey Roberts stopped in to challenge the spin, but alas, no Federal Visionist offered substantial answer the questions.

Aside from the usual discussion topics, this discussion was honored to draw Pastor Howard Davis from Louisiana Presbytery (LAP). He shared about the damage done by Wilkins and his supporters to the faithful of LAP in several comments starting on the latter part of this comment. There is more to the Federal Vision controversy than aberrant theology. Real people are hurt and the church of Christ damaged by these false teaching and those that sacrifice the Lord’s flock rather than protecting them. My reply to Pastor Davis laid the ax at the root of the rotten tree. From his position inside the damage perimeter, he agreed. We all need to pray as our faithful brothers and sisters recover from this disaster wrought in LAP by those who care far less for the people of God than for their own aberrant views and egos.

As Jesus warned us, we will indeed know them by their fruit (Mt 7:15-17.



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