Posted by: reformedmusings | February 10, 2008

The Federal Vision Spin Machine in Action

You know, the Federal Visionists are never happy. Months ago they were clamoring that Steve Wilkins was never tried but yet being “persecuted.” They demanded a trial, with one vocal Federal Visionist outside the PCA even offering his “peculiar talents” (known in Eph 4:29-32 and James 1:26 as sin) to spin the trial proceedings for the ignorant.

The Louisiana Presbytery obliged them when they plead guilty to not finding a strong presumption of guilt that Wilkins’ views and teachings were outside the constitutional boundaries of the PCA. In the course of that plea, LAP offered Wilkins up to the Standing Judicial Commission for trial. Even though the Federal Visionists were getting exactly what they said they wanted, a week later Wilkins bolted to the CREC with Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, technically in good standing but actually under shadow of a trial. Apparently he didn’t want a real trial with a chance of being deposed from the ministry. Sorry, wrong number.

So yesterday, LAP met to consider how to defend themselves against the one count to which they plead “not guilty.” HaigLaw provided the facts of that meeting for us, for which we are grateful. However, the ever more desperate Federal Visionists weren’t happy with the facts. They have tried to take a comment made by PCA prosecutor Sam Duncan out of context and make hay and a pdf with the heresay. I guess they succeeded on the pdf part. In the comments under that blogger’s post and at GreenBagginses, poor HaigLaw tried to call the Federal Visionists on their dishonest tactic, but he was shouted down. Then Lane Kiester actually talked to Sam Duncan and posted his response. Again, the Federal Visionists prefer to stick with their twisted distortion of reality rather than accept the facts. One even likened the PCA to vampires. Are there any adults in the Federal Vision or just covenant children? One wonders what they’ll say at their “final justification.” 🙂

Of course, one of the basic errors Federal Visionists are making is one on which I both posted and commented previously. They claim that Sam Duncan somehow spoke for the SJC in his comments at LAP, where he appeared simply as a courtesy to assist them. Let me say this slowly and clearly, especially for all these esteemed Federal Visionists in the PCA who seem as weak on polity as they are on theology: NO ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN SPEAK FOR ANY COURT WITHOUT A COURT DECISION. NOT EVEN THE CHAIRMAN. Sam didn’t speak for the SJC because Sam couldn’t speak for the SJC. Got that? That’s even aside from the fact that his meaning was twisted out of context.

There’s a more basic issue here in my mind. When one takes ordination vows, an officer vows that they accept that “the form of government and discipline of the Presbyterian Church in America” is “in conformity with the general principles of biblical polity.” So it seems that in addition to their theological aberrations, these Federal Visionists have issues with our church government as well.

So I have to ask again, is Missouri Presbytery asleep over there? Or just hibernating for the winter while Federal Visionists steal your credibility?



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