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LAP to Appear Before the SJC

I have been incredibly busy and haven’t had time to post. I will make two references here tonight and hopefully catch up a bit next week.

First, two members of the PCA’s Standing Judicial Commission, Bill Lyle and Dewey Roberts, commented at GreenBagginses on the slanderous nonsense being posted around the web about the PCA and the SJC starting with this comment. I’ve tried to make these same points, but the famous Federal Vision hit bloggers seem oblivious to the facts.

Also, HaigLaw posted about the meeting today at Louisiana Presbytery. LAP declined to change their plea on Count 1 to guilty and instead will plead their case in March before the SJC, as is their right. More interestingly, Duane Garner, assistant pastor at AAPC, which bolted to the CREC last month rather than have Steve Wilkins face trial in the PCA, apparently wants to stay in the PCA and labor in the CREC at AAPC. He was turned down by LAP, who tasked Garner to appear at the next meeting to report on the extent of his adherence to the PCA’s constitutional standards. That should be interesting.

For those who don’t know, Duane Garner coedited the book The Federal Vision with Steve Wilkins. As such, one may assume that he holds tightly to the Federal Visionist errors that have been declared out of conformity to the Westminster Standards. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t flee with the rest of AAPC to the CREC which welcomes and actively advocates these errors.

Looks like things may be tightening up for Federal Visionists in Louisiana Presbytery, and I applaud the commissioners there for their change of heart. We still await similar actions in Missouri, Northwest, and other places where Federal Vision errors are tolerated in the PCA.


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