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Important Correction on Meet the Theonomists

I’ve received some additional background about Dr. Roche’s Meet the Theonomists essay. In particular, it seems that Dr. Roche inexplicably used Jim Jordan’s earlier off-the-wall ad hominem attacks against Ray Sutton, Richard Bacon, and David Chilton as background material on the pastors and elders of First Presbyterian Church in Rowlett, Texas, which is now called Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed. I regret that I did not catch this in my previous post on the subject, and apologize to any and all who were affected by my oversight.

Providentially, elders at FPCR wrote rebuttals to Jordan’s personal attacks. Tyranny in Tyler answered a rant in which Jordan wrote that FPCR was “perhaps” a “synagogue of Satan.” Jordan wasn’t content to have a factually competing view of his spin on history and continued attacking FPCR’s elders, so Defending the Indefensible was written in response. All these are great reads and show Jordan’s pattern of behavior going back several decades.

As you can see from these links, Jordan’s ad hominem attacks on the ordained elders on the PCA’s Ad Interim Study Committee on Federal Vision, et al, the PCA Standing Judicial Commission, and about 1300 ordained commissioners at the PCA’s 35th General Assembly are simply how he “does theology these days.” Yet as of this posting, no Federal Visionist leader has either publicly condemned Jordan’s vile remarks, nor publicly distanced themselves from the despicable statements.

Mt 7:16 anyone?



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