Posted by: reformedmusings | January 19, 2008

Federal Vision Meltdown – Part Deux

Judging from the link activity, the Biblical Horizons list has been all a buzz since Jim Jordan’s meltdown on Christianity: Doctrine and Ethics, which is immortalized here at GreenBagginses. Apparently the BH talking points include Jeff Meyers using the copyright tactic that failed the Jim Jordan earlier on another blog. Jeff Cagle provides a quick lesson in Fair Use for the FV talking points crowd, since apparently they didn’t get the point the last time.

Comments were closed on Pastor Andy Webb’s post to keep the discussion temperature down. No one wanted to see the meltdown migrate to GreenBagginses. Not content with that, the Federal Vision crowd took their comments to a totally unrelated post about a new NPP book. Doesn’t seem like they respect blog owners’ wishes any more than they respect ecclesiastical authority, which is strange for folks who supposedly believe, as Jordan’s home church’s presbytery says: “A high view of the institutional Church.” Apparently that doesn’t include non-Federal Vision denominations.

Jordan has deleted all but one of his despicable comments from Rattlesnake6’s blog, apologizing to him but not to anyone he insulted with his vile spew. The consensus of the behind-your-back BH list must be that Jordan’s unvarnished and unspun thoughts doesn’t help their PR campaign image. Perhaps they’ve just discovered Mt 7:16.



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