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Federal Vision Meltdown

If you want to know what Federal Visionists really think, check out Jim Jordan’s vile seven or eight comments to a post at Christianity: Doctrine and Ethics. In response, Pastor Andy Webb wrote The Discussion Phase is Clearly Over at GreenBagginses. Apparently not having said enough, Jordan and Mark Horne added to the bonfire in the comments under that post, which are now closed. As of this writing, no Federal Visionist has denounced Jordan’s obscene, despicable rant. Remember that Federal Visionsists have called Jordan the godfather of Federal Vision.

Jordan’s vitriolic spew and the others’ lack of denunciation of it says more than all the self-published Federal Vision books ever could. If that’s what they say in public, it kinda gives you an idea about what they spew on their super-secret Biblical Horizon’s list. I’m reminded of Jesus’ words in Mt 7:16: “You will know recognize them by their fruits.”

Do you think that that Wilson’s tailor-made CREC will hold Jordan accountable for his gross and reprehensible violations of the 9th Commandment, et al? Don’t hold your breath. Jordan’s incredibly bitter, sour-grapes comments clearly show that there is light for Federal Visionists at the end of the tunnel, but in their case it’s an oncoming train.

On a closely related point, many have expressed the desire for a relatively concise history of the Federal Vision. I recommend Meet the Theonomists (HT: Mark T.) (UPDATE: For an important correction to Meet the Theonomists (unrelated to Federal Vision), see here.) It’s a long piece, but it does an excellent job tracing the roots of Federal Vision back to the 70’s and beyond, including the interrelated and intertwined history of the major players. If you think that all this started at Auburn Avenue in 2002, think again. The most interesting thing about the post is that it was written in 2000, two years before the first Auburn Avenue conference formally kicked off the Federal Vision controversy. Dr. Roche’s predictions for their trajectory proved prophetic, and again bring to mind Jesus’ words in Mt 7:16. Second year seminary students, nota bene.

Update: It seems that Dr. Roche inexplicably used Jim Jordan’s earlier off-the-wall ad hominem attacks against Ray Sutton, Richard Bacon, and David Chilton as background material on the pastors and elders of First Presbyterian Church in Rowlett, Texas, which is now called Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed. While this had no bearing on the Federal Vision parts of the article, it is important to set the record straight on the elders of FPCR. I posted more on this here.



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