Posted by: reformedmusings | December 31, 2007

Anti-war Lawyer Keys Deploying Marine’s Car

Wow, just when I thought that I had heard it all. Chicago lawyer Jay Robert Grodner keyed USMC Sgt. Mike McNulty’s car on December 1, 2007, causing $2400 worth of damage [HT: Heidelblog]. Full details, including the police report, are at Blackfive with lots of good info in the comments. Grodner has apparently pulled his website and contact info from the web. Follow-up on the Dec 31 hearing is posted at Free Republic, including the comments. Michelle Malkin nominates Grodner for Jerk of the Year.

Grodner has a past history of “problems” as documented at Citizens for Legal Responsibility, with some background on voter fraud at Hennessy’s View. Grodner’s strategy against Sgt. McNulty seems to be to use his lawyer tricks to delay the any trial until after Sgt. McNulty’s deployment on Jan 3, 2008. Seems Grodner’s conduct gives scum a bad name.



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