Posted by: reformedmusings | December 10, 2007

Lots going on these days

I finally got around to finishing some posts over at GreenBagginses. I posted Pastor Webb Recaps More History which Andy Webb wrote over at PuritanBoard. I may have tossed in a few comments with the link. I also posted Saved from what? based on another exchange over at PuritanBoard which Anne Ivy started with a question.

In the meantime, David Gadbois published a number of great posts as well. His Berkhof and Baptismal Regeneration started quite a stir as you might imagine. However, it was David’s follow-up You Can’t Make This Stuff Up that lit the sky on fire with 225 comments. Unfortunately, I was tied up during the time this was going hot and heavy, so missed the fun. It is very tough to jump into a conversation at the 100+ comment level. David also found time to write and publish FV’s “Covenantal Justification” which nicely parallels my Saved from what?, both of which were published almost simultaneously (great minds think alike).

There was also a tag team effort on polity. TE Andy Webb made some pertinent observations about Louisiana Presbytery’s history in The Case of the Missing Kamikaze Presbyters over on PuritanBoard. I made a parallel post called Caught Red-handed to answer some Federal Vision spin on the issue and to reinforce Andy’s points. These show that the Federal Vision spin machine is still in full swing.

Dr. R. Scott Clark has published a number of great posts, including Calvin on Assurance, Pan-Confessionalism on Law and Gospel One, Two, and Three; Zacharias Ursinus, the primary author of the Heidelberg Catechism, critiquing Norm Shepherd (your read correctly); and Witsius and A. A. Hodge on the Relations Between Faith and Love. All these directly address current theological errors like the Federal Vision.

Last but not least, Dr. Sean Lucas posted on The Primary Emphasis of Scripture and A final justification by works?

All these are good antidotes for the Federal Vision, so don’t just sit there…start reading!



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