Posted by: reformedmusings | November 28, 2007

Wrapping Up Polity

I took one last shot at bringing the insane accusations against the PCA and its courts on the blogosphere to some reasonable resolution. I posted History of “Strong Presumption of Guilt” over at GreenBagginses.

In the process of researching the post, I developed an increased respect for the PCA Historical Center. I’ve used the collection of PCA position papers there extensively over time, but it turns out that there’s so much more presented at the center. I had no idea until a few days ago that they had an extensive Historical Development of the Book of Church Order, including excerpts from a nice commentary, posted. If you don’t already provide financial support to the historical center, please prayerfully consider such support. Without knowing and appreciating our history, we wander aimlessly into the future.

Providentially, Mr. Jordan Mark Siverd, Esq., also published a post on the “strong presumption of guilt” phrase, but appealing to PCA case law. After seeing my post, Jordan posted a follow-up post. As a net result of this flurry, it looks like we may have finally put this issue to bed. I appreciate Jordan’s efforts in researching and writing his posts.

So what’s the bottom line? That the term “strong presumption of guilt” is not a legal status, but a statement on the sufficiency of evidence.

Now we’ll see if the ravenous vultures will go back to preening in their mirrors.



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