Posted by: reformedmusings | November 23, 2007

Seeker Sensitive? Not So Much.

The new media age preachers told us to lighten up on the gospel. Don’t offend the unchurched. Make them feel at home, have relevant, hip, happening programs that reach out and grab them–it’s all about the entertainment and stimulation. Once we get them in the door and hooked, we’ll ease them into the gospel.

Of course, most of the Reformed world sadly shook their heads. The late Dr. James Boice once wisely observed that whatever you used to bring people in, that’s what you had use to keep them in. Not so, said the seeker-sensitive folks. We’ll snag ’em, then convert ’em. Large numbers of sheep counters flocked to seminars, bought the latest seeker program books, then went home and spent thousands, maybe tens of thousands, on up-to-date multi-media entertainment equipment. Get those attendance numbers up! That was and is their measure of success.

I knew a chaplain years ago who had a very simple needlepoint on his wall as a reminder of what was important: “Jesus said feed my sheep, not count my sheep.” Now the guru of seeker sensitivity has learned that the hard way, after the damage was done. Here’s an article that you cannot miss.

Now, we know that God is absolutely sovereign and that not one of His chosen is snatched from His hand. All the elect are inevitably saved unto eternal life, regardless of our shortcomings and/or sins–in fact, in spite of them. Still, that doesn’t excuse those who failed the flock with which God entrusted them. Yet like David, they have ultimately sinned against God and God alone.

Jesus told us to live the gospel daily, preach the gospel faithfully to the ends of the earth, and He’ll do the rest. As Paul reminded us: “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.” Nothing has changed in that regard in 2000 years. But then, you knew that.



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