Posted by: reformedmusings | November 21, 2007

Great Posts to Read Before the Big Game

May I suggest that before you devour an entire deceased bird and sit down to watch a 22 guys fight over an oddly-shaped piece of pig skin, that you feed your mind? Over at Green Baggins, David Gadbois wrote an excellent post on Berkhof on Covenant and Union. David presents the orthodox Reformed view of the covenants. Lane wrote Part 4 of his review of Gary Johnson’s piece on Warfield. I don’t know much about Warfield, so I’m learning a lot from his review. Jeff Hutchinson penned a nice piece, The PCA as XO, which uses a naval analogy to explain some complex polity. Jeff also calls NT Wright to account for his erroneous view of gospel.

Lastly and perhaps bestly (that a word?), Jeff copied a comment by Rev. Reed DePace, PCA Teaching Elder, into a post called A Peacemaker Speaks. Don’t miss that one.



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