Posted by: reformedmusings | November 19, 2007

Note For PCA Members on BCO Process

I posted the fruits of additional research over at Green Bagginses. I pray that this is the last one required until there are more factual developments in the Louisiana Presbytery case. In the meantime, we should all pray for all the participants in this case. I’m sure that the false and misleading statements will continue to be posted on the Federal Vision blogs. Their greatest fear is an orderly and just process that holds them accountable for their aberrant theology.

As a point of personal amusement, I’m beginning to see the FV blogosphere treatment of this case as like that of the pope vs. the protestants in the Reformation era. Today we have one acerbic, bullying pope and his bullying cardinals pitting their flawed theology against the rule of law and the pure gospel of seven orthodox Reformed denominations, especially against the PCA at the moment. There’s nothing cute or funny about being a bully. Some should be asking themselves when charismatic leadership crosses the line into despotism. If I was in the CREC, I’d be asking myself who is accountable to whom, and am I the next target?

The rule of law is the foundation of freedom, not bullying on the blogosphere.



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