Posted by: reformedmusings | November 14, 2007

Good News for the PCA

Green Baggins has been asked by Sam Duncan to be assistant prosecutor in the Louisiana Presbytery prosecution (see amends under Judgment close to the bottom). That’s good news because Lane is both knowledgeable about Federal Vision in general and Steve Wilkins’ views in particular. He is also a humble pastor with a passion for the truths of Christ’s gospel, also known as the Reformed faith.

We all pray for Lane, Sam, and the rest of their team and their families, that God will grant them wisdom, strength, and perseverance to do that which must be done for the peace and purity of His church. Federal Visionists are already trying to short circuit this effort. No surprise there.

The only down side is that I’ll miss Lane’s insightful posts on Federal Vision writings. Others are already lining up to fill the vacuum, though.



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