Posted by: reformedmusings | November 3, 2007

An Error and Repentence

I made a major error in the post that previously resided at this address. Due to my own misunderstanding, I wrote that the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Session had written the agreement posted here. That was incorrect. The remaining board members of Knox Theological Seminary who did not resign, plus the four members added by the CRPC Session, penned that agreement and expected the returning board members to sign it. I regret and repent of that error, and apologize to the CRPC Session for my mistake.

Moreover, I have to step back, relook at this whole situation, and ask myself if the two posts I deleted glorified God. I know and respect men on both sides of the KTS/CRPC controversy over Dr. Warren Gage. I am over 1,000 miles from the scene of the action, so to speak, and all of my information is second hand. This is a complex issue that contains a volatile mix of civil, ecclesiastical, and personality elements, and under these circumstances I believe that I’ve contributed about all that I can to the procedural discussion for the moment. There’s just too much that I do not know about this situation.

I earlier counseled peace and patience on this issue. I should have heeded my own counsel. I truly regret that I did not do so; hence the ‘T’ in TULIP.



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