Posted by: reformedmusings | October 24, 2007

Catch up

I’m baaaack. Looks like the Net has been pretty quiet for the last several weeks. A few notable events:

The Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Session has released an official statement of the controversy at Knox Theological Seminary. You can read it here. In the footnotes, they say that the six Knox board members who resigned have withdrawn their resignations. It looks as if God is answering our prayers for an end to this controversy that clearly glorifies Him.

GreenBaggins continues to challenge Leithart, Wilson, and Wilkins. He even put together an index of his Leithat posts.

Dr. Clark has a number of posts about the disastrous California fires over at Heidelblog. He also mentions what I’m watching on FoxNews, that at least some of those fires were started by an arsonist. As Dr. Clark wisely reminds us, we do indeed live in a fallen world. Earlier, he posted on covenant breaking and a number of other topics.

Jason Stellman has an on-target post about Joel Osteen’s new book Your Best Life Now. I saw the beginning of Larry King’s interview of Osteen while I was in Korea. I turned it off after a few minutes as it was too early in the morning to get depressed over yet another so-called minister compromising the gospel. The cross and work of Christ, the reality of sin and gift of grace, the lordship of Jesus, were totally absent in Osteen’s remarks. I found Osteen’s characterization of Christ, when he mentioned Him at all, was closer to a genie waiting in a bottle to satisfy your hedonistic desires than the Savior and King depicted in Scripture. He claims to be a preacher of the gospel and supposedly has the largest church in the USA. How sad.

Mark T. notes a particular irony with Federal Visionists in the PCA in his post on Federal Covenant Breakers. This is a subject on which I’ve been explicit since I started this blog, but the point seems to fall on deaf ears in FV circles. Of course, I’m not their presbytery.

I’ll have some thoughts on my latest trip as soon as I try to trash my computer again for the fourth time since my return. 😦



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