Posted by: reformedmusings | October 7, 2007

Pacific NW Presbytery Action

Jason Stellman had posted on action that Northwest Presbytery has taken in a Federal Vision case. Dr. Peter Leithart, a prominent Federal Visionist and one of the signatories of their joint statement, wrote to his presbytery months ago giving his views on the Nine Declarations accepted by the PCA’s 35th General Assembly. Rev. Stellman and Dr. Leithart later wrote a joint letter to the presbytery asking for a committee to review Dr. Leithart’s views. After some debate, a review committee was approved. Their report is due in January.

I will say this: Although I disagree with Dr. Leithart in many areas, I respect his integrity in promptly and formally making his view known to his presbytery in accordance with the action of the 35th General Assembly. Further, he went beyond that by formally requesting this review. Please pray for Dr. Leithart and this committee as they work through this important task.



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