Posted by: reformedmusings | October 7, 2007

A Welcome Blog

Call me slow, but I just found that Grover Gunn, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Jackson, TN, has a blog. Grover is a true southern gentleman, an astute theologian, and a friend. I haven’t read all of his posts, but you can bet that I will forthwith.

In particular, Grover has some excellent posts on the Federal Vision:

Election, Covenant, and the Center of the Road
The Visible Church as Saints
Federal Vision and the Apostasy Argument
Conditions, Obligations, and the Center of the Road

Grover has other posts that are simply good, orthodox, Reformed theology like Sola Fide and The Rich Young Ruler that also bear on Federal Vision errors in covenant and salvation. So do not pass Go or collect $200, but proceed direct to Jackson’s Grace and read ’em.



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