Posted by: reformedmusings | October 6, 2007

Knox controversy again

I thought that I was done with this, but apparently not. Although I did not speculate about Professor Gage’s theology or hermeneutic, merely commented on the process and organizational elements, I found myself on the receiving end of this. Obviously, Federal Visionists will defend their theological forefather, Norm Shepherd. Even given that, the blogger seems to be drawing a 4-dimensional personal universe from a single point. Mathematically, that’s unwise. For my part, I have nothing to add to my previous post and the facts therein are all independently verifiable.

GreenBaggins offered some salient thoughts on the situation out of love for all involved, and promptly found himself on the target end of this post railing against the PCA and making unwarranted assumptions about GreenBaggins’ intent. Wow. Given the acerbic nature of these two FV posts, it seems to me the Federal Visionists are a bit sensitive on this subject, which makes me curious. Something for follow-up, perhaps.

Whether or not creating a seminary under the oversight of a church session is wise or not, only history will tell. As I said in my last post, I believe that it creates an awkward set of relationships that require strong and wise leadership. In the past, seminaries certainly have gone south theologically (Harvard, Princeton, etc., etc.), but so have sessions. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. I do know that I have the greatest respect for Dr. D. James Kennedy’s work and have supported it for decades. As I said in my last post, God is sovereign and will work all this to His glory.

What is clear to me is that no one outside of the parties directly involved has the full story at this point. That’s why I posted previously only on the organizational structure and the applicable PCA processes. I have drawn no ultimate conclusions about any of the players, and I encourage my readers to avoid jumping to conclusions as well. Only God knows at this point who will be vindicated in the end, if anyone.

Now, back to our main program…



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