Posted by: reformedmusings | September 26, 2007

Nice to be missed

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank a number of folks for their thoughtful notes upon my return. Some have been by email, but Mark over at Federal Schism posted a very nice welcoming note. Thanks to all who wrote and those who just lurk. I regret that I don’t have more time to do this, but this is my busiest time of the year at work.

BTW, Federal Schism has some nice follow-up on the “discussion” over at De Regno Christi. His post on Federal Schizophrenia shows good attention to detail in the discussion comments. I alluded to Jordan’s inconsistency on the issue of Federal Vision’s existence over the months in my last post, but Mark has documented him flip-flopping over the course of hours. I guess Federal Visionists think we don’t pay attention to their internal contradictions. Good job, Mark!



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