Posted by: reformedmusings | September 26, 2007

Feast of What?

There’s sort of a discussion over at De Regno Christi on Federal Vision. There are some who had high hopes for this exchange, but it has turned out to be the same old stuff rehashed. While there’s no new information being added to the overall debate, there are some great quotes. Ego levels vary on all sides of any debate, but this has got to be the biggest one I’ve seen in a while:

At one point today, CBrown commented in relation to Jim Jordan:

I guess I’d like to know more about Jim Jordan’s church affiliation. Who is this guy? I’d like to know what church he represents, since he’s such a high churchman.

Rather than answer the man’s question, Jordan retorts:

If you don’t know who I am, you have no business in a discussion of the Federal Vision. Please, don’t come in here and offer opinions on things you know nothing about!

I thought that Jordan kept insisting that there was no such thing as a Federal Vision, but just a conversation. Today there not only is there a Federal Vision, but it is apparently inseparable from Mr. Jordan. Interesting.

So I guess that CBrown cannot offer any Reformed theological opinions or ask questions of the Federal Visionists unless he’s familiar with Mr. Jordan. I work inside the DC beltway and see some pretty big egos on a regular basis, but Jordan tops them to win the award for today.

Congratulations, Mr. Jordan. Now, care to answer the gentleman’s question?

Update: Mr. Jordan did answer CBrown’s inquiry several posts later. As a point of interest, even later Jordan says this:

Then you write in and ask who Jim Jordan is, and that struck me rather wrong and laughable. If you’re going to discuss Calvinism, and then ask who Martin Bucer is, it’s about the same. Anyway, I apologize for my sharpness.

I’m sure that CBrown appreciated the apology, but is Jordan really equating himself to Martin Bucer’s status? It just keeps getting better and better…



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