Posted by: reformedmusings | September 23, 2007

Federal Vision Honesty, at last!

Normally I ignore the more rabid Federal Vision blogs, but I couldn’t resist this. A comment over at Mark Horne’s blog finally says explicitly what Federal Visionists have implied before. Aaron Cummings commented:

It’s about time somebody replaced the WCF. The thing was getting old.

Jim Jordan has some great thoughts on human-made symbols in “Manifesto on Symbolism” over at He points out that clinging to ancient symbols and artifacts is a waste of time. We progress. We mature. We move forward. The WCF was good for its time. We need something new.

The funny thing is, the TR victors are trying to simultaneously cling to the WCF and create something new, all the while deluding themselves into thinking they are only clinging to the WCF. It’s an interesting case.

We need a new confession. We need some new creeds. We must faithfully and lovingly uphold the classic symbols of faith, and support the WCF as much as is applicable in our lives, but we really need some pastors out there to develop a new statement. When’s that coming out.

Well, now it’s on the table. My apologies to anyone who has said this before but I missed it.

FWIW, I agree with Mr. Cummings that Federal Visionists need a new confession. The 35th PCA General Assembly and six other denominations agreed that Federal Vision theology is incompatible with both Westminster Standards and the Three Forms of Unity. Since the FVers chances of getting a new confession or modifications to the Westminster Confession through the PCA General Assembly are somewhere between zero and nil, they need to move somewhere where they can be happy together and not disturb the peace of the church.

Well, that is actually wishful thinking. Wilson, Jordan, and other Federal Visionists outside the PCA seem dead-set on disturbing the peace of our denomination and undermining the authority of our General Assembly findings. I think that says more about the nature of their characters than anything I could write. Their actions speak way louder than their words ever could. ‘Nuff said?



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