Posted by: reformedmusings | September 23, 2007

A Great Post – Huzzah!

Dr. Reggie Kidd posted an awesome article on his blog on the Betrayal of the West. His observations match my recent experience in the Middle East and previous knowledge. The Global War on Terror is a battle to the death for either the West or the Islamists. There is no in between. The sooner that the West wakes up and sees the empty secularism is no match for radical Islam, the greater our chances of survival.

Dr. Kidd also ties this in with Jacques Ellul’s book The Betrayal of the West (Seabury Press, 1978), where Ellul posits that God’s vision to Paul to travel west rather than east literally changed the course of history. I think that sometimes we take for granted the great power of our Almighty God, relegating him to the Sunday service rather than His rightful place as Creator of the universe and architect of history. Our enemies understand all too well the power of a radical Islam, and leverage it to persuade children, men, and women to murder innocents by blowing themselves up, and children to behead prisoners.



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