Posted by: reformedmusings | August 26, 2007

More News Catch Up

As expected, my time for blogging is quite limited. In the meantime, Green Baggins covered Justification by Faith and Assurance, Apostasy and Areas of Alternate Assertions. As usual, the comments under those posts are well worth the price of admission. Aside from the Joint Federal Vision Statement, Green Baggins posted a seemingly cut analogy that someone passed on to him, but that post set off an interesting exchange with Wilson devotees and eventually DW himself that continues as I write this.

Over at the Heidelblog, Dr. R. Scott Clark completed his review of the Joint Federal Vision Statement by linking to an earlier piece by Todd Peddlar on John Owen and Justification, Law and Gospel, and Owen on Personal Obedience. At this point, Dr. Clark announced that he is moving on to his continued exposition of the Nine Points of Synod Schereville (URCNA), the URC’s statement on Federal Vision. His gracious comments about Green Baggins and this humble blog are received with humble gratitude.

I have also discovered Dr. Mike Kear’s interesting blog, The Babylonian Groundhog. He’s written a telling critique of some of Jim Jordan’s comments on another blog. Jordan is one of the most radical of the Federal Vision leaders, sometimes espousing some truly bizarre positions. Dr. Kear tried to engage Jordan on a few points in blog comments and was called stupid, amongst other things, for his trouble.

If you haven’t read the Open Exegesis blog by Kevin Johnson, you ought to pop over there. Kevin always has insightful thoughts and inhabits the universe of Green Baggins’ blog comments.

I will be way too busy to blog much in the coming weeks. I am trying to get a few posts out today and tomorrow. It seems that WordPress is experiencing issues at the moment, so we’ll see what happens.



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