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Joint FV Statement – Paedo-Communion

I guess that I should stop whining about being behind. I will be perpetually behind at this rate. Green Baggins has posted a nice write-up on Justification by Faith Alone. Don’t miss the comments in these discussions. While there are some unfortunate comments, most are thoughtful and interesting. I think that it’s fair to say that the bulk of useful discussion between orthodox, confessional Reformed folks and Federal Vision advocates on the blogosphere about Federal Vision is happening at Green Baggins.

Dr. R. Scott Clark has some good thoughts on Law and Gospel over at Heidelblog. Jason Stellman also posted on Law and Gospel. I must admit that I don’t see where the Federal Vision types are coming from on that section. The discussion over at Green Baggins on that section is quite interesting, and that’s where I made my comments.

Green Baggins posted earlier on paedo-communion in the Lord’s Supper and Imputation. I wanted to add some more specific PCA-related comments.

The Joint Federal Vision Statement says:

Unless there has been lawful disciplinary action by the Church, we affirm that any baptized person, children included, should be welcome at the Table.

This is in direct contradiction to the PCA ruling. You can read the report of the PCA Ad Interim Committee to Study the Issue of Paedo-Communion here (pdf). It was well done and speaks for itself. This report was accepted by the 16th PCA General Assembly in 1988. Two of the motions passed were:

1. That the PCA continue the practice defined in our standards and administer the Lord’s Supper “only to such as are of years and ability to examine themselves.”

4. That those ruling and teaching elders who by conscience of conviction are in support of the minority report concerning paedocommunion be notified by this Assembly of their responsibility to make known to their presbyteries and sessions the changes of their views since their ordination vows.

Like the 35th General Assembly’s motion to accept the Ad Interim Study Committee’s report on NPP and the Federal Vision, the 16th General Assemply pretty much settled the issue on paedo-communion in the PCA. Those paedo-communionists that were permitted by their presbyteries to remain in the PCA agreed not to teach or practice it.

So, this section of the joint statement clearly and blatantly contradicts both the Westminster Standards and the decision of the 16th PCA General Assembly. Let’s not forget that four PCA officers signed the joint statement.



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