Posted by: reformedmusings | August 4, 2007

News Catch-up

Dr. R. Scott Clark posted some bad new–Federal Vision may be spreading to China. As if the Chinese Christians don’t have enough problems already. Dr. Clark also has an interesting article about J. I. Packer, who may have years ago predicted our current situation with the Federal Vision. Dr. Packer’s paper is linked in the post.

Green Baggins posted on the Joint Federal Vision Statement’s section on Scripture. I haven’t had time to tackle that section yet, but hope to get to it before the end of the weekend. Jason Stellman posted a follow-up to his thoughts on Federal Visions global Christendom.

I posted a significant update to my previous post on Federal Vision’s version of Christendom. I encourage you to read the update at the bottom even if you’ve previously read the original post (the original is unchanged). In that post and the update, I look at the practical side of Federal Vision’s global Christendom based on their previous writings. I’m still firmly of the opinion that the Joint Federal Vision Statement must be understood in light of the authors’ broader positions stated in other writings, especially those that they continue to quote or defend.



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