Posted by: reformedmusings | August 2, 2007

All Things Being Equal

My recent trip to Canada spanned a weekend in Calgary, Alberta, so we decided to taste some of God’s great creation. As our host was driving us to Drumheller, home of the world’s largest dinosaur, traffic was very light. He commented that, all things being equal, we’d get there over 30 minutes ahead of schedule. I instantly replied that all things are never equal. Sure enough, we encountered construction where a significant length of road was being replaced, which slowed us down tremendously. Indeed, all things were not equal. The situation gave us all a good laugh.

The Joint Federal Vision Statement was not written in a vacuum, so as usual, all things are not equal. It follows a plethora of writings in both paper and electrons by Federal Vision authors that goes back quite a few years. To the best of my knowledge, no major Federal Visionist has repudiated anything that they have written. Given that, the statement should be reviewed and analyzed in light of what has gone before it.

This has been and will continue to be my approach as I look at the joint statement, as demonstrated in the analysis of the Trinity section. It occurred to me this morning that I didn’t cover my underlying assumptions for my analysis up front, a gross error for an engineer.

Also, I believe that I perceive a pattern in the order of the sections, at least in the early part of the statement. The seemingly odd section ordering (especially the postmil stuff up front) has been a subject of some discussion on the blogs. However, I believe that the order is quite logical for a Federal Vision statement. As I’m short on time this morning, I’ll elaborate on that after a few more analysis posts.



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