Posted by: reformedmusings | July 30, 2007

A “New” Federal Vision Statement

Hat tip to Green Baggins, who posted a link to a July 2007 statement by mostly CREC folks plus the usual four most-vocal PCA Federal Visionists. It doesn’t contain any new ideas, but tries some slightly different sugar coating in a few areas. I’m sure that the knowledgeable reader will pick up on the postmillennial and paedocommunion stances that undergird the Federal Vision, as well as their cleverly-worded monocovenantalism and giving some saving benefits to the unregenerate (although those benefits are not listed in this piece as they have been in past writings). Nope, nothing new.

I must point out that although postmillenialism has appeared relatively recently in history and is held by few in the Reformed community, it is an acceptable eschatological position in the PCA. It is most often favored by theonomists, though not exclusively by them.

I’ll write more on this Federal Vision statement as time permits this week. I highly recommend following the upcoming discussions at Green Baggins’ site, as well as the Heidelblog.



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