Posted by: reformedmusings | July 28, 2007

Expositions of Declarations

I am aware of two good running expositions of denominational pronouncements on the Federal Vision on the Net. The first is by TE Jason Stellman on the PCA’s Nine Declarations passed overwhelmingly at the 35th General Assembly. The individual posts are:

Declaration #1: Monocovenentalism
Declaration #2: Election
Declaration #3: Imputation
Declaration #4: Merit
Declaration #5: Union and Imputation
Declaration #6: The Benefits of Baptism
Declaration #7: Union and Salvation
Declaration #8: Perseverence
Declaration #9: Justification and Works

The other exposition concerns the URC’s Nine Points of the Synod Schereville over at the Dr. R. Scott Clark’s Heidelblog:

The Preface
Preface (2)
Preface (3)
Interpreting Synod

Some blog commenters have speculated that I’ve never read some of the early Reformers. I assume that’s because I disagree with the commenters’ interpretations. Dr. R. Scott Clark has a nice post on the subject of early Reformed thought titled Was There a “Mainstream of Reformed Orthodoxy? Well worth a read.



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