Posted by: reformedmusings | July 14, 2007

One More Time: Now, What Will YOU Do?

Dr. R. Scott Clark looks at the aftermath and explains the meaning of the United Reformed Churches of North America Synod 2007 action against the Federal Vision. The URC’s action seems similar in power to that of the PCA 35th General Assembly, which I discuss in this post.

In the titled post, Dr. Clark issued a challenge to URC officers adhering to Federal Vision theology similar to that that I put forth several times on this blog relative to the PCA. In the PCA, it is incumbent upon the Presbyteries to act to preserve the purity of the church in accordance with the Book of Church Order and the 35th General Assembly’s action. If PCA church officers adhering to and teaching Federal Vision theology will not repent or leave the PCA in accordance with their ordination vows, then it falls to the Presbyteries to initiate action without delay.



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