Posted by: reformedmusings | July 14, 2007


Dr. Sean Lucas, Vice President for Academics at Covenant Theological Seminary, posted a Q&A On Baptism on his blog. Sean’s excellent presentation again shows the clear contrast between the orthodox, confessional Reformed view of baptism and the erroneous Federal Vision view of “baptismal regeneration lite” (justification, forgiveness of sins, adoption, and sanctification for the baptized non-elect). Dr. Lucas punctuates his essay with a personal meditation from his son’s baptism.

I was mulling a post around in my head on covenantal baptism, but I’m going to pass and highly recommend Dr. Lucas’ excellent posts on the subject.

BTW, be sure to read the comments, as Dr. Lucas provides some important clarifications in answering questions there.

ADDITION: Green Baggins also has a great post called Baptism Now Saves, wherein he addresses a Federal Vision proponent’s published views on baptism. Another excellent read on the topic.



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