Posted by: reformedmusings | July 13, 2007

URC Acts Against Federal Vision

The Synod 2007 of the United Reformed Churches in North America has taken action on the Federal Vision. They have made an initial statement on Federal Vision here. Here’s a permanent link to their nine points. I’ll post a link to that on my side column along with all the other statements by confessional Reformed bodies. In addition to the URC’s initial statement:

Synod 2007 appointed a study committee to examine the Federal Vision and similar teachings regarding the doctrine of justification. The committee was asked to bring a clear statement concerning this matter to the next synod.

That’s almost all of NAPARC that has acted now. The universal judgment of the orthodox, confessional Reformed community has strongly declared the Federal Vision to be an error. When will those in error start submitting to their brothers in accordance with their vows? From what I’m seeing on the blogs, I don’t recommend holding your breath.



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