Posted by: reformedmusings | July 7, 2007

Federal Vision Ranks Start to Thin

Green Baggins links to two folks who have moved away from the Federal Vision. The first is a PCA ruling elder whose journey is actually posted at Green Baggins’ blog. He also turns out to be the writer at Abundance of Grace which I mentioned in an earlier post. The second posted on his own blog entry Problems with Federal Vision Theology and Practice. Both are excellent examples of how God’s grace works through diligent study of Scripture and centering on Christ in our ministries.

Green Baggins is also interacting with Steve Wilkins’ answers to the PCA’s study report’s nine declarations. This should be interesting as Lane always does a great job getting to the heart of issues. I’m currently working on a more generalized post exegeting a Scripture passage often misused by Federal Visionists. My problem is getting a large enough chunk of time to do it justice.



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